Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre | Dance Saturdays
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Dance Saturdays

Dance Saturdays Advisory Council

Catherine Amidon – Exhibition Curator

Shelly Bradbury – Sculptor / Designer

Mary Catherine Deibel – Director of Development, Cambridge Center for Adult Education

Lynne Federman – Lawyer / JMBT Board Member

Susan Fleischmann – Executive Director, CCTV

Jane Goldberg – Author, Performer, Tap Historian

Denise Jillson – Executive Director, Harvard Square Business Association

Paul Kirshen – Professor, UMass Boston’s School for the Environment / Academic Advisor, Sustainable Solutions Lab

Mara Littman- Communications Consultant/JMBT Board Member

Catherine Peterson – Executive Director, Arts/Boston

Elaine Shannon – Media Production Stylist / JMBT Board Member

E. Denise Simmons- Cambridge City Councilor / Former Mayor of Cambridge

Valentine Talland – Consultant, Art Conservation Specialist / JMBT Board Member

Jason Weeks – Executive Director, Cambridge Arts Council

John Wilpers – Media Consultant, Innovation Media Consulting