Jack Evans Exhibition - José Mateo Ballet Theatre
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Gloucester artist Jack Evans is a self-taught painter who as a young man was convinced that American music (jazz, blues, country, rock & roll, etc.) was the greatest art form of the 20th century.

Later discovering that American painters like de Kooning, Kline, Pollock, Mitchell and others had also tapped into the mad energy of the times to develop individual styles that were as powerful and personal as those of their great musical contemporaries, Evans promised himself he would paint.

After 40 years in the used record business (he established Mystery Train Records that began on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge and continues to go strong in downtown Gloucester), he kept his promise and for the last fifteen years has “put his whole being into making marks on a flat canvas”.

Evans’ artistic output is remarkable and after several shows in the Gloucester area, José Mateo Ballet Theatre is proud to present his work to the organization’s Greater Boston audiences with a powerful exhibition in the talented artist’s old neighborhood in Harvard Square.