Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre | Traditional Japanese Dance Michiko Kurata March 23
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Traditional Japanese Dance
Michiko Kurata
March 23


(Michiko Kurata)

The Sanctuary Theatre
400 Harvard Street
Harvard Square, Cambridge


Experience the mystique of Japan through beautiful traditional dance and music, fierce martial arts and exquisite visual arts.

Masters of traditional Japanese dance, music and the arts will gather at this dynamic event to showcase the beauty of Japanese culture. Do not miss this rare opportunity to see authentic kabuki dance and listen to the elegant sounds of koto and shakuhachi and powerful taiko drumming. Experience the martial arts of the samurai through karate, kendo and kobudo performances.

During the intermission, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the artists and other aficionados of Japanese traditional arts while tasting some delicious Japanese foods and drinks. Visit the gallery displaying beautiful kimono, calligraphy and ikebana flower arrangements, and try on the yukata, or Japanese traditional dress.

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