Work Study Program - José Mateo Ballet Theatre
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Work Study Program

José Mateo Ballet Theatre offers a robust Work Study program that allows volunteers to earn free ballet classes in exchange for working at the front desk and assisting with small jobs around the office.


Work Study positions require a commitment of at least three months for a three-hour weekly shift. Work Study participants must be responsible, prompt, courteous, and calm under pressure. They must also show proficiency with standard computer programs, be responsible while handling payments, and demonstrate the ability to execute detailed work in a fast-paced environment.


The Work Study Program offers an even exchange of hours worked for classes earned. For every hour worked, participants receive one ballet class in any of our Adult Ballet Programs (three classes for each three-hour shift). Participants additionally have the opportunity to connect with the José Mateo Ballet Theatre network and add arts administration experience to their résumés. (Please note, Work Study credits may not be used in exchange for rehearsal space.)


Acceptance into the program is offered throughout the year. Acceptance will be based upon the applicant’s demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to being part of our administrative team, interest in working with people and willingness to accept the conditions and responsibilities laid out by José Mateo Ballet Theatre and its staff. Applicants will be asked to attend a brief interview before acceptance into the program.

Questions? Contact Angie DeWolf at