Young Professionals Night — José Mateo Ballet Theatre
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Young Professionals Night

Save 50% on 2nd Friday Night Performances!

Young Professionals NightThere’s no shortage of great things to do after work in the city of Boston – including taking in a ballet performance in Harvard Square!

Young Professionals ages 35 and under who join JMBT for our 2nd Friday night performances can save 50% off full priced tickets!

Young Professionals Nights are scheduled for the second Friday night of each of our concerts in the 2017-18 concerts.

Tickets are on sale now!
Use Discount Code YOUNGPROF at checkout to save.


Assault on the Senses – Friday, October 13 at 8pm 
Stolen Hearts – Friday, March 2 at 8pm – click here to order
Moving Violations – Friday, April 13 at 8pm – click here to order